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Getting Here
Most of our guests fly into Anchorage. Many flights arrive late at night, which may be fine for an early morning start on Day 1, depending on where you are flying from and how jet-lagged you may be. Keep in mind the first day may be quite long and physically demanding.

The Morning of Your Trip
We can pick you up from accommodation in downtown or midtown (please don't book accommodation in South Anchorage). We send a detailed email with your trip start day logistics about a 7-10 days before the trip. We generally pick up folks between 7.30 and 8.30am on the first day of the trip. Timing is very tight and we choreograph the pickups by location. It's very important you are packed and ready to go at the time we give you.

Don't Cut it Too Tight
Keep in mind that with increasing challenges to the airline industry, it seems like more flights are delayed. If you arrive late and miss the pick up on the morning of Day 1, you will very likely miss the first 3 days of your trip if it includes sea kayaking.

If your trip with us starts with kayaking, it will be difficult, expensive and perhaps impossible for you to catch up with the group if you arrive late. Any expenses will be your responsibility, please plan accordingly.

Traveling After the Trip
We usually plan to return to Anchorage anytime between 5 pm and 7 pm on the last day of your trip. Please book your return flight accordingly as we will not be able to return you to Anchorage prior to that time. Most of our guests spend this night in Anchorage and choose to get back together for dinner and celebrations later that night.

Where to stay in Anchorage
This is a tough one...personal taste in accommodation varies greatly. Remember due to the costs of transporting everything up here, the cost of living in Alaska is generally 20-40% higher. This will be reflected in accommodation costs.

Here's a few Hostels that are clean, comfortable and a bargain compared to anywhere else in town. Most have a combination of dorm beds and simple private rooms.

Arctic Adventure Hostel

Spenard Hostel International

Anchorage Guest House (half-way between a hostel and B&B)

The Arctic Fox Inn has been getting rave reviews from our guests lately.

Another of our favorite B&B's is Susitna Place

Then there are the usual chains, convenient to the airport, Courtyard or Residence, Marriot(1-877-729-0197).

Chain Hotels
Most major chains are also downtown, Sheraton, Hilton, Marriott etc. Remember - Anchorage rates are surprisingly high.



Get on It!
Timeline --

Just after registering for the trip: Book your Flight and Anchorage accommodation. You know you're going, and it's not going to get any easier or cheaper.

3 Months before Trip Starts:
Start shopping for your Gear
Depending on where you live, some items may need to be ordered online. Plus, this part can be fun and motivate you to exercise more.

Complete your Health Form.

2 Months before Trip Starts:
Complete your Travel & Rentals form. Save on gear rentals if you do this early.
Mail in your final Payment & Waiver

4-6 weeks before Trip Starts:
Complete your Travel & Rentals form. If you haven't already done so.




**A Note of Warning
Please be careful of trying to go super-cheap. Unless you choose one of the hostels we recommend above, there are some budget accommodation in Anchorage that are real dives. We strongly recommend you check out comments on Trip Advisor before booking.

About Travel Insurance
For the relatively inexpensive price, we think it's a bargain. Let's face it, if you're attracted to this trip, you're probably not sitting at home on the couch. If you have a last minute injury, or something happens with the family, or your flight is delayed and you miss the first day or two, or you join us for a fly in trip and the weather prevents us getting back on time, or...well the scenarios are endless. Travel Insurance can help.

We ask you to purchase very affordable travel insurance as opposed to asking us for a refund of hundreds or thousands of dollars when we have a very short season to run our business. If you opt not to get this insurance, please understand it is a choice you have made. We can only reimburse you according to our Refund and Cancellation Policy.


Quick Tip:

Make your flight and hotel reservations early.

Anchorage hotels and flights to AK can be quite full in summer.

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